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Screenshosts of Dicast
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
  • Dicast: Rules of Chaos
Description of Dicast: Rules of Chaos

Control chaos in a random world, Dicast!
Defeat the competitors around the world and become the best dice dominating Dicast of all!
Now, it is your turn!

New player support coupon!
Insert [DICAST10000] to get free 20 worth of 10,000 Gold.

Simple, fast-paced, mix of strategy and randomness!
Not an ordinary monopoly type classic board game you’ve played.
Instead of selling and buying properties, set up your hero and base!
Roll the dice, attack your opponent to drain their HP and win the match! Get ready for RPG Dice battle!

Combine your Hero with the powerful Base to find the best winning strategy!
Set up your own deck with Special cards to unleash amazing strategies!

Discover dice cards to control your destiny!
Decide where Hero to land and plan the moves strategically.
Fate of the game lies in your hands!

New Heroes, Bases, skins, special cards will be regularly be released!
Monster Jack Mode - Team up with 3 players to hunt the giant monster!
Hero Jack Mode – 4 vs. 4 team battle!

- Fight in real-time turn-based duels on board against players from across the world
- Innovative battle system with dice-cards to control your moves
- Global and friendly rankings
- Invite your friends to private battles
- Unlock different worlds as you progress up the leagues
- Aim for consecutive victories to earn Victory Keys
- Unlock and collect new, mighty Heroes
- Collect and unlock Special cards to build the ultimate deck
- Upgrade your Base to unlock crafting system
- Participate in Monster Jack event with other players to defeat giant monsters!

PLEASE NOTE! Dicast: Rules of Chaos is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 12 years of age to play or download Dicast: Rules of Chaos.

▣ Access Permission Guide ▣
We request access of [Storage] permission to use and save necessary files when providing the game services.

[How to change Access permission right]
▸ Android 6.0 and above: Settings> Apps> Advanced > App Permissions > Select Storage Permission > On/Off Permission
▸ Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or delete applications
※ If you are using Android 6.0 or lower version, you cannot set the optional access rights individually, so it is recommended to update to 6.0 or higher version.

Support: Having trouble? Contact us at game_support@bsscamp.com
Follow us on Facebook for tips and updates about the game!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DicastRulesOfChaos

Version history Dicast: Rules of Chaos
New in Dicast 4.1.1
- New Hero [AZRA]
- New Hero Card [OWL'S PRESENT]
- 2 New Card Craft [LAZY],[SELF-JAIL]
- Auto Deck Set system
- DICASTv page open

#Game Balance
- Card: [REMOVAL]

#New Shop
- 2 New Emoji Sets

#Improvements/Bugs fix
- Hero achievements not counting issue fixed
- Arena Battle loading page UI improvement
- Build stabilization and bug fixes
New in Dicast 4.0.1
- Add Base Busting System
- Add Challenge League achievement
- Challenge League Achievement Card [Ego Ring]

# Game Balance
- 6 Hero Cards Balanced

# New product
- Added three new Hero Skin
- Added three new emoticons
- Added one new dice skins

# Improvement / Bug fix
- Battle freezing when using a combo card after [VOODOO DOLL] card is used fixed
- Stable line improvement and bug fix
New in Dicast 3.4.1
#Improvements/Bugs fix
- Battle freezing when Greyhen's Divine Retribution is activated upon Locoi issue fixed
- Not able to enter Hall of Fame from Ranking page fixed
- Effect of number dice covering part of the dice issue fixed
- Monster near Santa Ivy's vine displaying issue fixed
- Build stabilization and bug fixes
New in Dicast 3.3.0
- New Hero Locoi
- Card Trade feature added in Battle Shop
- Weekly Quest added

#Game Balance
- HP/AP Stat increase at level up differenciate per hero.
- Exer [Blocked!] skill effect change.
- [TRIXIE PILL] card removed from [CHANGE CARD] .

#Improvements/Bugs fix
- and other
New in Dicast 3.2.0
- Winning strike stop reward system

- New Skin : IVY Ultimate, GOLDBERG Ultimate, BREEZE Legendary

#Improvements/Bugs fix
- [Contact] button added in Settings page
- [Monster Jack] added in Rulebook
- Build stabilization and bug fixes
New in Dicast 3.1.1
#Improvements/Bugs fix
- Battle freeze when using Flame Guild Combustion to win issue fixed
- AP not increasing at Weapon Equipment Level 10 fixed
- [FIREWALL] triggering to opponent in prison fixed
- Base Level up mechanic fixed
- Blizzard and [IVY] Vine mechanic fixed
- Other bugs fixed
New in Dicast 3.0.0
- New Challenge Achievements added.
- Hero/Base Fixed Level system in Friendly Battle.
- Hall of Fame added
- Base crafting skill system added.
- Hero Card Deck setting system added

#Game Balance Adjust
- Card Cost, Card stat change.

- New Skin: Halloween Legendary/Ultimate skin for Exer, Scarlet, Greyhen
- 3 New Word & Dice Emoji Pack added.

#Improvements/Bugs fix
- Build stabilization and bug fixes
New in Dicast 2.1.0
- New Base [CATHEDRAL]

- Number of card purchase in Battle Shop increased.

#Game Balance
- Decster [CARD MIRRORING] skill adjusted
- Decster Hero Card changed to [ILLUSION]

- New Decster Legendary Skin

#Improvements/Bugs fix
- Build stabilization and bug fixes
New in Dicast 2.0.0
- New Hero [DECSTER ]
- New Languages: DE, IT, PT, FR
- Push message when Crafting completes
- Sound Volume Control Feature
- Opponent selection feature in Training Mode
- Movement related effects reflected in the movement prediction display
- 3 New cards
#Game Balance
- TRIXIE's [PILL CARD] card type added
- BREEZE [ZEPHYR] effect adjusted
- IVY's Vine stacking effect adjusted
- Gold Block, [LOW GOLD], [HIGH GOLD] Gold increased
#Improvements/Bugs fix
New in Dicast 1.9.1
- Waiting for opponent network issue resolved
- [GREYHEN] vs. [GREYHEN] shield not breaking bug fixed
New in Dicast 1.9.0
– Battle Log in Friendly Matches added
- Hero/Base/Card Deck info added in Player Profile
- Guild System Improvement

#Game Balance
- Vloot/Greyhen/Golberg/Breeze/Exer/Trixie skill adjusted
- Cannot stun an already stunned opponent
- Base Grade 5 get of jail dice cards adjusted to 1/3/4/5
- [RETURN] card not able to use in Base
- Few Special card cost adjusted

- Waiting for Opponent Issue adjusted
- And more
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